Water-resistant blower REH-3E: especially for major attractions
Certainly if you rent out many large inflatable attractions and inflatable bouncers, it is a good idea to keep a number of specially suited blowers in stock. After all, you never know what can happen! This REH-3E is excellent for various reasons for inflating and maintaining tension on these large rental properties.
The blower has a capacity of 2.8 kW.
Extensively tested, ready for the toughest showers
Not only does this powerhouse have a higher air output than an average blower with the same wattage, but it is also very practical: stackable and light in weight. Biggest advantage: the blower is splash-proof!
Several tests have shown that the REH-3E is excellent for heavy showers.
Quality and therefore an excellent guarantee
The reliability of this blower is unique. That is why we give you a 1-year guarantee on the device. That might make it a better addition to your range.