REH-1.5 E: blower specially for medium and large inflatables
Are you looking for a blower that is especially suitable for large or medium-sized inflatables? Then with this REH-1.5E, we have a blower for you in our assortment with a number of major advantages. The biggest advantage of this blower is higher efficiency. In other words: you have a high air output with this. Higher than an average blower of the same wattage. The blower has a capacity of 1.35 kW.
Powerful blower, weather and wind resistant
This lightweight blower with high efficiency has even more advantages. In addition to being easily stackable, the device has also been tested for water resistance. These tests have shown that it can also be used in the toughest showers. In short: are you looking for a blower that you can effortlessly use with bad weather to inflate and tension the inflatable? The REH-1.5E is your device!
Top blower with 1 year warranty
Only top products. This is not only true when it comes to our inflatable attractions, but also with the aids. Like this blower. We are therefore happy to give you a 1-year warranty on the product.