Heating element for Blower REH-1.5E
You probably know the problem, especially with the weather. Try to get a rented bouncy castle or inflatable attraction dry after a heavy shower. Then this heating element is ideal. Especially for the blower REH 1.5E that is standard in our assortment, this is an addition to increase the air temperature by 5 to 7 degrees. This way the pillow dries much faster!
Heating element, of course with security
The secret of the heating element? By raising the air temperature, the air can absorb around 30% more moisture. This ensures a faster drying time: the inflatable bouncer can dry on the inside more easily. Naturally, we ensure a safe device. That is why there is an automatic stop at 50 degrees Celsius on the heating element.
Also on this top device 1-year warranty
We only go for the best products. This also applies to our blower accessories, such as this heating element. Therefore, we give you a 1-year warranty on this product with confidence.