Blower 750 Watt for party products
This is a good blower for your inflatable party products. This blower is especially suitable for inflating and maintaining the tension of various inflatables. The blower has a capacity of 750 watts. This keeps your party doll nicely filled. Of course, ultimately the size of the party doll or attraction determines what strength you need to keep it going. Given the capacity of this blower, this is especially suitable for party dolls.  
Useful for this 750-watt blower is that it has an on and off switch. And of course, it fits well on the air supply of our inflatables.
Handy blower with 1 year warranty
At GERO Inflatables AB we want to be known for our top quality and safe products. Not only for our attractions, but also for the resources. Like this blower. We, therefore, give you a 1-year warranty on the product.