Blower 450 Watt, for the party dolls
Do you rent out our party dolls from the GERO Inflatables collection? Then of course you also want a number of blowers in your collection that are especially suitable for inflating and keeping these beautiful Abrahams, Sarahs, storks and other dolls for birthdays and other parties. This blower with a capacity of 450 watts is extremely suitable for this.
Enough power for most party dolls
This small blower provides more than enough power for most party dolls. They don’t need that much power, because they are not heavily loaded. The strength of a blower depends on the size and load capacity of the object. To ensure that a party doll is always well filled with air, connect this blower to it. Fits perfectly!
Excellent quality blower with 1-year warranty
Anyone who knows GERO inflatables AB knows that we go for top products. This applies to our entire range of dolls and attractions, but also for aids such as blowers. And we give you a standard 1-year warranty on this product.