Blower, especially for Skydancers
If you have Skydancers in your assortment, then you would like to have a number of blowers in stock for these dancing dolls. We naturally have special blowers, which are fully equipped to operate Skydancers. The great thing is that they are equipped with internal LED lighting, while a normal lamp can also be put on for extra attention during the night hours. Of course also for Skytubes. 
The blower has a capacity of 950 watts.
Fully equipped
This special blower for Skydancers and Skytubes just runs on mains power and has a frequency of 50 Hz. With a diameter of 4.5 centimetres and a weight of around 16.5 kilograms, it is a handy device
The engine of the Skydancer blower has a power of 1.25 HP and makes 2860 revolutions per minute.
1 year warranty on top-quality blower
As you are used to from us, we only have the best products in our range. This also applies to this blower. Without a doubt, we give you a 1-year warranty on the product.