A true classic in a new inflatable jacket!

Donkey Stick is an old game that still works very well at children’s parties. Tie a blindfold to the player whose turn it is. Then, turn the player around a couple of times and … Stick! Which of the players punctures the donkey tail in the right place? With this inflatable Donkey Stick game, you are guaranteed to have a fun activity at every children’s party.

Easy and quick to use

You can easily set up the inflatable Donkey Stick game within 5 minutes. The inflatable donkey is delivered compactly in one part and is therefore easy to transport. The tails are attached to the end of the donkey with Velcro and are therefore easy to remove. For optimal experience, you also get 4 donkey tails, a blower, anchoring material, transport bag and a clear manual. That way the party can start quickly.

No less than a 5-year warranty

All the cushions that we sell at GERO Inflatables are reinforced on several points. The multiple stitching and strong high-quality nylon ensure long service life. They are therefore durable and easy to keep clean. We deliver the Donkey Stick game with a 5-year warranty. This allows you to deliver years of optimal playing pleasure with this product.

Buy this inflatable Donkey Stick game and give your customers a day full of fun!


  • Blower 380W
  • Stakes
  • Manual
  • Transporting bag