Feel the tension rise!

A true classic and still a wildly exciting game: Battles are always fun. How fast is the reflex of the participants? They must try to catch as many sticks or bananas as possible, which fall down one by one randomly. The only question is … when? The participants must, therefore, be ready and have a quick reflex. Fun and fun guaranteed with this nostalgic game.

Set up within 5 minutes

The Stick or Banana Catcher game is easy to set up and is ready for use within 5 minutes. The frame is airtight and this means that it only needs to be inflated once and then functions without a blower. In the beam, there are 10 electromagnets to which the sticks or bananas are attached, which are switched on and off by means of the control box. This is powered by the main power. Stick Catching is available in 4 fun themes (jungle, circus, western and farm) and comes standard with sticks or bananas. Everything complete for a great experience.

Top-quality with a 5-year warranty

Our cushions are strengthened and stitched on several points and are made of strong, high-quality PVC. They are therefore easy to keep clean and also sustainable. We also offer a 5-year warranty on the Stick Catcher game. This way you can deliver optimum playing pleasure for years with this product.

Buy the Stick or Banana Catcher game and give your customers a fun and exciting day!


  • Blower Bravo OV6
  • Manual
  • Transporting bag