Is everyone ready? Crawl!

A hilarious and indispensable part of a hexathlon: a crawl tunnel. Of course, you also have them in your collection, because that is part of a good rental company. The crawl tunnels from the JB-inflatable collection are 8 meters long, available in red and blue. The principle of this six-camp game – suitable for children’s parties, village and neighbourhood parties, team building activities for work or, for example, the seasonal preparation of sports teams – is simple: ready to go, crawl and whoever is first on the other side of the crawl tunnel is the glorious winner.

Note: the price is per piece!

Easy and simple set up

This hexathlon component is also easy to set up. And that is, of course, nice for the organization of a hexathlon! We deliver all products from the collection completely, including these crawl tunnels. So you get a transport bag so that you can properly store the crawl tunnels and transport them easily.

Top-quality with a 5-year warranty

All of our hexathlon items have been strengthened and stitched on several points. These crawl tunnels too. Made from strong, high-quality PVC, so durable and easy to keep clean. We also offer a 5-year warranty on all items from our large collection and have our own repair service.

Buy these crawl tunnels as part of your hexathlon gear. They will make your customers a successful party!


  • Manual
  • Transporting bag