Hop, hop, hop: jump up simultaneously!

A classic game from our hexathlon collection: jump snakes! Suitable for children’s parties, neighbourhood or village parties and countless variations of team building activities. The participants must (with a maximum of 3 others) try to reach the other side jumping while sitting on the jump snakes. Not running, of course, because that is strictly prohibited. No, as the name of the jump snake says, they have to jump to the finish line in pairs or trios. Good for fitness and coordination, but also good for laughing muscles! The inflatable jumping snakes are available in red and blue.

Note: the price is per piece!

Within 5 minutes you say: “Jump!”

The setting up of a hexagon part must, of course, be done as quickly as possible. Well, with these jumpers it’s a piece of cake: within 5 minutes they are blown up with the supplied high-pressure blower. You can also set up and dismantle it alone, which is ideal. Of course, we also add a transport bag.

Standard with us: a 5-year warranty

We reinforce all our articles on several points and they are also multi-stitched. This also applies to these jumping snakes, which are made from strong, high-quality PVC. That makes them durable and easy to keep clean. We also offer a 5-year warranty and repair service on all products.

Buy these jump snakes for your hexathlon collection. They will probably be a runner in your assortment. One that your customers are eager for!


  • Blower Bravo OV6
  • Manual
  • Transporting bag