Need an (extra) blower? Our smallest star here
If you rent out, inflatable attractions or bouncy castles you naturally also want to serve your customers with the right blower. For all the products that we have in our range, we supply the correct blower as standard. But it may, of course, happen that you still need an (extra) blower. We can of course also deliver that to you! Such as this 1.1 kW blower, our smallest star in the firmament.

Small and powerful

This small powerhouse is ideal for inflating your rented smaller inflatables and keeping them under tension. Of course, it fits perfectly on the connection of every inflation item.
The blower produces 81 dB sound and weighs around 15 kilograms.
If you need a blower with more power for a bouncy castle or cushion or another inflation attraction, then we also have a 1.5 kW version in our range. You can find it here.
Top quality and 1 year warranty