Airtight directional tent!

Whether it is for a party (wedding party, birthday, anniversary or an opening or open day of a company), or for a performance by band, artist or speaker: your customer wants to have the event he organizes partly covered. So that main characters, speakers or, for example, anniversaries do not rain wet. Or to prevent food from a barbecue or buffet from getting wet.

Available in standard sizes, but also custom-made.

Airtight, so no blower needed after inflation

The beauty of this directional tent is that it is airtight. This means that after the tent has been inflated in 10 minutes with the supplied blower, you no longer need that inflator. The tent remains on tension. Setting up and dismantling can be done by one person, but it is more convenient to do it in pairs.

5-year warranty on top tent

GERO Inflatables AB supplies this rock-solid inflatable directional tent in every conceivable size and colour. Because we are sure that it is a quality product, we are also happy to give you a 5-year warranty. And if something breaks, then there is no problem: we will repair it for free during those 5 years.

Buy this practical airtight directional tent as an extension of your collection and give your customers a carefree day. At least in terms of weather!


    • Blower 1,1 kW
    • Stakes
    • Repair kit
    • Transporting bag
    • Manual