A GERO Inflatables AB mobile stage is strong and stable and highly suitable for festivals, concerts, roadshows, products and promotional activities or events. Our mobile stages are easy and fast to inflate and deflate and are immediately ready for use.

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Mobil Scen XXL   8.0 x 6.0 x 6.1

Stage XXL is an inflatable mobile stage with an airtight stage cover. The stage is complete and suitable for promotion, bands and orchestras

De Inflatable stage cover is airtight and can be inflated and deflated in less than 25 minutes by 1 person!


    • Dimensions:                            8.0 x 8.0 x 8.1m
    • Floor height:                           100 cm
    • Floor load:                               250 kg / m2
    • Stage weight:                           2500 kg
    • Required driving license:     BE
    • Traction car/bus:                   2500 kg
    • Assembly time:                       ca. 25 minutes by 1 person
    • Dismantling time:                  ca. 25 minutes by 1 person


    • Hinged steps
    • Stage skirt all the way round
    • 2x High-pressure blower with auto refilling
    • Trailer construction certificate EN 2007/46/EG
    • 2-year guarantee