Yee-haw, cowboy!

Challenge your customers with this cool mechanical rodeo bull. Who has the most stamina and stays on the bull the longest? This is quite an art because this wild bull does not just let anyone sit on its back. The rodeo bull will do anything to get the cowboy off, so let the fight begin!

Easy to transport

With a size of 70 cm wide and a weight of approximately 100 kg, it is possible to get the bull through every corridor and door on location. These dimensions also ensure that the bull can be completely transported with a delivery van. Ideal! The rodeo bull comes with six lightweight support legs, making the bull very stable. The bottom of the legs is equipped with rubber caps, to prevent movement during use. In addition, every rodeo bull comes with a handy handle and wheels. The wheels are easy to connect to the bull. This gives the user better control when moving the bull over uneven surfaces. With these wheels, you can even get the bull up a flight of stairs.

The control box weighs 17 kg and comes in a handy flight case. This cabinet can be operated both automatically and manually. Our version is provided with:

– Joystick, with 8 different settings/positions
– Individual settings, to be set yourself
– Main switch
– Emergency stop
– 3 automatically set programs
– 1-time result of driver
– 1-time result of the longest-sitting driver
– (possibly expandable with sound system)

The mechanical rodeo bull is delivered including control box, certificates and a clear manual. We deliver the rodeo bull with a 1-year warranty and including an inspection. Everything has been thought of. Everything complete for a great experience!

Buy the mechanical rodeo bull and give your customers an exciting and hilarious experience!


  • 1 year warranty
  • 1 year service
  • Manual
  • Safety certificate EN 14960