Who will stick to the jeans the longest?

Hanging jeans, it is a well-known part of a hexathlon. For example at a team-building event, at a village or neighbourhood party, but also during a children’s- or theme party. Of course, we also have our own variant on this popular hexathlon game in the collection. Who will hold on to the jeans the longest? To add an extra dimension to the game, we have made a bath at the bottom. Let it run full and the loser of the game also gets wet feet. Double fun! Available in blue-white and black-red.

Easy and simple set up

This hexathlon component is also easy to set up. It is ready for use within 10 minutes. 2 participants can play this game at the same time. Of course, we deliver the jeans hanging game completely, including high-pressure blower, transport bag and repair kit.

Top-quality with a 5-year warranty

All of our hexathlon items have been strengthened and stitched on several points. This hanging game too. Made from strong, high-quality PVC, so durable and easy to keep clean. We also offer a 5-year warranty on all items from our large collection and have our own repair service.

Buy this jeans hanging game and it will make the party successful!


  • Blower Bravo OV6
  • Stakes
  • Repair kit
  • Transporting bag
  • Manual