Unique games!

“Family Entertainment” for all target groups and ages. By closely following trends and developments in the market in the field of games, GERO-Inflatables can present an optimal offer for endless pleasure! Put the coin (Sek 10) in the coin case and start playing! ISS with coin case can be ideally combined with, for example, an ISS Arena, ISS Table and ISS Challenge Table. With this coin case, you can play all the games that the ISS contains. You can even set the system so that you can play the game up to 10 times in succession with 1 throw-in (coin). ISS is a unique combination of light, sound and game. Interactive spots are connected wirelessly to the scoreboard. Play challenging games against each other!

Mobile, handy and complete

You can put this super handy mobile ISS case somewhere in no time. ISS can be used perfectly with inflatables, sports attributes and indoor playgrounds. The ISS set comes with a scoreboard, 10 spots, charger for the spots and scoreboard, coin case and a clear manual in a handy transport case. Instantly complete everything for a fantastic experience!

Specifications and warranty

The ISS set is completely wireless and has Li-ion batteries in the scoreboard and the spots. These are rechargeable and can last up to 16 hours of active playtime. There is a 2.4 GHz WiFi connection between the scoreboard and the spots. The standard set consists of 10 spots, but you can add more to a maximum of 20 spots. The ISS set comes with a 1-year warranty.

Buy this multifunctional ISS Arcade and give your customers the day of their lives!


  • Transporting case
  • Manual
  • Safety certificate CE, FCC, NEN-EN 14960