Bag running with 3. Who is the fastest?

A very funny variant of the already hilarious hexathlon section of bag walking, are the special Fun bags. These are no fewer than three bags that are sewn together. This means that three participants have to hop to the finish line as quickly as possible.

Note: the price is per piece!

Super simple, super funny

These bags are, of course, a super fun part of a hexathlon. And all that your customer, as an organizer of the festival, has to do is to take the large, linked, pants from the supplied transport bag. The pants are available in red and blue.

Our top-quality with a 5 year warranty

All of our hexathlon items are extra reinforced and stitched. These fun bags are made of strong, high-quality PVC. That makes them sustainable and easy to keep clean anyway. We also offer you a 5-year guarantee. And we also have our own repair service.

Buy these mega-sized, fun pants, which are sure to cause many hilarious moments!


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