Rocking horses: fun for young and old!

Great for children’s parties, but also for other activities; for example, a hexathlon for adults. As part of a neighbourhood- or village party, or a team-building day. These mega-sized rocking horses, approximately one and a half meters high, can easily carry both children and adults. Who can reach the other side the quickest when jumping on these nice horses? A hilarious game that can of course also be played with two people on the back of the horses at the same time. That requires even more consultation and driving skills! The levers make them safe for everyone!
Note: the price is per piece!

Jump entertainment: easy to set up

You can offer your customers top entertainment with these large cheerful rocking horses. Depending on the course that your customer wants to take, setting up the part rocking horse is a breeze. Success and enjoyment guaranteed with these rocking horses from GERO Inflatables!
Also available with the boarding: Rocking horse race.

Top-quality a 5-year warranty

All our products have been reinforced and stitched on several points. That also applies to these rocking horses! They are made of strong, high-quality PVC: durable and easy to keep clean. We also offer you a 5-year warranty and free repair service on all items from our extensive collection.

Buy these rocking horses, including a transport bag. A great addition to your collection of hexathlon items!


  • Handpump
  • Repair kit
  • Transporting bag
  • Manual