Footvolley? Yes, footvolley!

The footvolley field is great for a game of footvolley: Volleyball where hands may not be used. So try to shoot the ball over the net with your feet. The footvolley boarding is airtight. This means that the boarding is inflated once with a high-pressure blower. Once full, the blower can be removed. This allows the boarding to be placed almost anywhere, even on the water! In the water, you can use it as a volleyball field.

Perfect to use during events and easy to set up

You can easily set up the foot volley field within 10 minutes. For example during events, a hexathlon or sports activities. The footvolley field consists of one part, which makes transporting easy. We deliver this foot volley field including blower, anchoring material, transport bag and a clear manual. Everything immediately completed for a great experience!

Strong, high quality and a 5-year warranty

All our inflatables are reinforced on multiple points, multi-stitched and are made of strong, high-quality PVC. Because of this quality, the foot volley field is durable and easy to keep clean. You get a 5-year warranty on the foot volley field. This allows you to deliver years of optimal playing pleasure with this product.

Buy this spectacular foot volley field and give your customers the day of their lives!


  • Blower Bravo OV6
  • Stakes
  • Repair kit
  • Transporting bag
  • Manual
  • Safety certificate EN 14960