High pressure blower for inflatables
Are you looking for a blower with extra capacity for inflating airtight inflatables, such as our water games or other airtight products? One that does not shrink for whatever size? You can inflate the inflatables in no time with this handy blower. And the great thing is that you can also use this air pump to deflate your inflatable as well.
The blower has a capacity of 600 watts.
Determine the pressure you need yourself
With this high-pressure blower it is very easy to get an inflatable at the right pressure. Place it in the valve of the inflatable and inflate it to the desired pressure.
This blower can reach a maximum pressure of 1,7 bar. The Bravo OV6 works on the normal electricity network. The device only weighs 1.3 kilograms.
1-year warranty on top-quality blower
We give you a standard 1-year warranty on all devices that we can supply to you. We want to be sure you purchase a top product. This high-pressure blower also naturally comes with our standard warranty for devices.