Who will be the first to get a water shower?

Playing with water is always fun. Especially if you can ensure that your opponent gets a wet suit! With the Aquablaster 2p. you give your customers an exciting and super fun day. It is a race against the water. The players must pump as fast as they can to make the water balloon explode above the opponent’s head. Of course, before your own water balloon explodes! The AquaBlaster is available in a 2 and 4 person variant. A great game for swimming pools and amusement parks but also suitable for a festive event on a warm summer day.

It couldn’t be easier

Easily set up the Aquablaster 2p. within 5 minutes. The game comes with balloons, 2 or 4 pumps and a clear manual. Everything has been thought of. This way the game can start immediately.

Our guarantee: GERO’s high product quality

You get a 1-year warranty on the Aquablaster 2p.

Buy this exciting Aquablaster 2p and give your customers an unforgettable day!


  • Handpumps (2)
  • Manual