In General

GERO Inflatables AB supplies various unique inflatable gymnastics mats and other sports items. The words quality, safety and animation are central to the manufacture of all our products.
The sets are easy and quick to inflate by means of a high-pressure blower or a foot pump. The sets keep their pressure for hours. A part can be completely cleaned of air within a few minutes and can then be stored very compactly.

The AirTrack sets are expandable and connectable with various components. For example, an AirTrack can be expanded with the AirSteps or Airblocks. In addition, there is also an Air Jumpy set, this is a complete package that can be started right away.

Product information “Air Jumpy Set”

The Air jumpy set is a complete training set, by combining the set in different ways, many different training courses can be practised. An Air Jumpy Set is suitable for every athlete, from beginner to professional. The Air Jumpy Set is a must-have because of its versatility!

To combine
An Air Jumpy Set is already an extensive set, but if there is a need for more options, a set can be combined with, for example, an Airtrack or Airsteps. The components are securely and securely attached to each other by means of the track connect.
Because an Air jumpy set is very compact, the set takes up little space when it has to be stored. Transporting a set is easy because a set easily fits on the back seat of an average car.

The set comes with a pressure gauge. The pressure gauge precisely measures the pressure inside the track, perfect pressure is important for the correct use of the mat. The pressure gauge is connected to the second valve of the web when the mat is inflated. By means of a high-pressure blower or foot pump, this mat is pressurized within minutes and maintains its pressure for hours. The pressure can also be adjusted quickly and easily by opening the valve on the side of the mat.

Product Range

Every year we try to renew, further expand and improve our extensive range with new products and models. All our products are available from stock.

Buy this Air Jumpy Set and give your customers the day of their lives!


  • High-pressure Blower 1,1kW (CE)
  • Pressure gauge
  • Repair kit
  • Transporting bag
  • Logbook, user manual and a setup schedule